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Help clients using NLP, the enneagram, numerology, or any combination of the 1, 2 or 3 to improve sales, business strategies, advertising strategies and company culture.
About Us

Helping you achieve the extraordinary.

We help international clients register companies in the US. If you have a family or friend you want to go into business with or to help you start your company, we will register a company and set up a virtual office for you. We also help non residents set up UK companies as well. Advising on how to get local US & UK phone numbers for your company. Scan and send service where any mail received at your US or London address will be scanned and sent to your designated email.
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Our Services


Strategical planning & structuring


Global company registration

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SEO & Brand awareness

Social media marketing & strategy

Deep Learning & artificial intelligence

Market & Data analytics

The Process

We’ve developed over time methods that deliver results. We work through five development phases, while still in continuous collaboration with you, your staff and business partners, consistently inquiring on project goals and ensuring clients needs are met. Working extensively through the process, producing comprehensive documentation, meaning we obtain the same convictions and standards to guarantee supreme levels of magnificent work.

01. Examine

Research - Dissect - Outline

02. Detection

Deliberate - Establish - Organize

03. Invent

Devise - Produce - Propel

04. Install

Blueprint - Repetition - Conversion

05. Reinforce

Assist - Counter - Renew

What We Believe

Driving results and Making things happen.

For e-commerce clients we build Shopify stores and help find winning Shopify drop shipping product, do Amazon FBA product hunting, and product research. Manage google shopping product feed and shopping campaign. Do bulk product listing ok eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopify and Etsy. We offer many more services to e-commerce entrepreneur clients, please inquire.
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The present downcycle: Six times faster than the previous one

The distress has hit all industry sectors, some harder than others. Yet even in the relatively protected sectors of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and technology, companies are seeing moderate declines in revenue.

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Understanding extreme uncertainty

Due to the severity of this crisis, many organizations are in a struggle for their existence. An existential crisis puts at stake the organization’s survival in recognizable form. Readers can

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Beyond the profound health and economic uncertainty

Stakeholder expectations for corporate behavior are higher than ever. Firms are expected to act lawfully but also with a sense of social responsibility. Consumers expect companies to take a stand

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